R+L=J …

That is the readers’, and perhaps watchers’, first major, “OMG I THINK [insert theory] [insert theory and proceed to clamor at the universe] [insert theory and proceed to clamor at the universe for hours on end] [insert theory and proceed to clamor at the universe for hours on end, frothing at the mouth] [insert theory and proceed to clamor at the universe for hours on end, frothing at the mouth only resting your tongue to retreat to your prefrontal cortex, its’ executive function reduced only to serving your theory]”, moment.

With the series winding down we have a ton of theories and predictions to utterly devote, by the Old Gods and the New, our lives to for the next few years.

I am a zealot.

On this site you’ll find my own theories and posts and links covering other people’s theories. Along the way I’ll share any GoT updates I come across (read: spend hours looking for), links to cool “merch”, and some fantastic compilations floating around the innerwebs. I’m not sure floating is the right verb. I am the beaming owner of a generous collection of Game of Thrones memes and pictures as well, so, you know, lucky you.

Tell me your theories. Show me your memes. Sell me your merch.

A Word on Spoliers

The last thing I want to do is tarnish anyone’s GoT experience. I want everyone to leave this site with their dignity intact. The title of all written content will include the season, and episode number if applicable, that you must have already viewed lest you feel that aforementioned dignity fall into decay while your anatomy thrives, leaving you with many summers to live, but your soul, your soul will feel only Winter.